This is impossible to get kids away from games, and when they are on their holidays from school they are just unstoppable to play. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor kids are too busy playing games that they forget about having breakfast, lunch and dinner too. Day and night they just want to be free and play. As parents we are definitely very anxious about their daily routine because they don’t even listen to them. Cricket, Football, Basketball are some popular games among the kids as well as they also play Hide and Seek, and Ice and Water when they gather in the vacations.


Games like Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball or Cricket are some games which are being played in outdoor fields like tennis and badminton are being played in the courts and football and cricket are being played in large grounds or community parks, so kids enjoy playing outside as well as they also get strengthened and can boost up their physical energy. In the outdoor games they also learn to play in teams and this can build team spirit in them.


Besides this if the weather is bad in the hot summer days and the temperatur is very high or if it is raining outside and kids can’t go outside the home to play, then there are many options to play indoor games like Carrom, ludo, Snake and Ladders, cards and many more which can  make the children get engaged and to be in a playful mood. Sometimes when kids play these indoor games they also learn new things from them like by CrossWord games they can learn to make new spellings and new letters which can enhance their sentence and word making power as well as punctuation. So outdoor and indoor both games can be very engaging and joyful for the children.


 Discovery of a mobile phone brought a new trend in gaming. First of all video games, then we got to know about computer games and then the next generation got to play games on mobiles. At first they discovered offline games like Candy Crush, Sniper 3D GAME, UNO cards or even Ludo and Carrom too in mobiles. Nowadays playstore is flooded with many kinds of games and these days online games are being very popular among the kids. www slot im is a famous online slot of game which provides many different and exciting games to play. Among many online games www slot im is a very popular slot which children and teenagers both like equally. This is also a plus point that these games can be played from anywhere and anybody in the world just by being connected online from the comfort of their homes.