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Stay on European roulette

If you go to the traditional land-based casinos, you will see that the only two variants of roulette that will be offered to you are the following: English roulette and French roulette. Click here for เล่นสล็อตออนไลน์บนมือถือ.

However, this is not the case on online casinos. Of course you will be entitled to these two options, which are essential;you will also find American and European roulette. Although American variant is entertaining, avoid it at all costs. Why? Well because the home advantage over this variant is just indecent … You will have twice as many chances to win on the European variants of the roulette because they pay more and have only one zero.

Bank on simplechance

Let’s start by quickly recalling what are the simple chances. It’s about wagering on colors, even or odd numbers. By promoting this type of bet, you will be able to reduce the advantage of the house on your potential earnings.

Indeed, the percentage of the house can decrease to 1.35%. You will see that the game will be much more attractive for you knowing that your winnings will be shared between the casino, and yourself. The lower the home advantage, the bigger your earnings! So remember to use this casino roulette tip without moderation…

Forget the martingale

Let’s face it: martingales are the simplest strategies to understand. Logically, you will be able to follow more easily than on other strategies more advanced mathematically speaking.

Only, in terms of roulette, we must warn you, because online casinos make sure to propose calving thresholds to avoid you too much abuse of martingales. Also, using the martingale to earn more is far from a guarantee, and could even lead to your loss …

Practice free games

It is not easy to accept losing money when you are a beginner on the roulette tables, and that you do not yet master the rules of the game correctly. Indeed, it often leads to the players a great frustration, since mistakes are inevitable …

Luckily in online casinos, you will find the option of playing roulette for free. This option will allow you to learn the game practically without losing your precious money.


Manage your budget

Our latest roulette casino is about setting a limit on your expenses. Even before you start your gambling session, remember to set an amount not to exceed in terms of losses.

Be careful, this amount should not be too restrictive: the first goal is indeed to have fun.