The card games ไพ่ แค คา สิ โน ออนไลน์ are famous in online casino games. They include the following:

  • Poker
  • Black colour jack
  • Audio-visual Poker
  • Baccarat
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Knob Poker
  • Magnet Poker
  • Caribbean Poker
  • Poker

The player must have a best hand for the game. These games are much better than card game. The game needs to have two private and five public cards. Poker game has around 12 variations. There are national and international tournaments. Game goes on with million dozens of bet money.

  • The target is to get more numbers than dealer that is 21 or more than that. This game has simple rules. We need to beat dealer value. There are many offers while playing this game. We need to use black jack strategy. There are many ways to play black jack :
  • Spanish type Blackjack
  • Double Revelation Blackjack
  • Single Level Blackjack
  • Vegas Elegance Blackjack

Audio-visual Poker

We need to have a very strong hand to win this game คาสิโนออนไลน์ รีวิว.This game has very simple rules and fastest game to play. There should be a five card challenger and two private cards. This gives players a very neat and decent review and feeling.

Comics Wild

Also calked as joker poker, joker card is added to game to play it as main card. There are two kings needed for the game.





Open-minded Poker 

These games take a proportion of game and bring huge jackpots. This game is also dependent on hand power. This is also known as draw pokers.


The score we need to get is nine in total or close to nine .Initially players think it is complicated but actually it is easy but tricky. In this game dealer take two cards, in the game player should bet on the dealer cards or on their own cards. Players think to remove the bad luck from the cards they blow on the cards after they lose. This game has low advantage and high profits. Few casinos keep high rated baccarat, but baccarat is help full to win more. There are two types of dealers on baccarat

Texas Hold’em

Having best hand skill is more important thing to play. If we know poker then we can play this game easily. It has more winning prises in this game compared to others. Hand skills and game knowledge are more important things to win in these games. If everything are learnt perfectly then we can play for real money.