Online casinos offer games through a lot of apps nowadays. While there are many legitimate ones like ป๊อกเด้งออนไลน์, you should also be aware of some which are not. Make sure you read the below and understand the possible scams you may encounter.

  • Deposit theft:

It is the most common kind of scam that you can find in an online casino. As soon as you register and join you are asked to make an initial deposit. The casino then freezes your account and makes it impossible for you to operate. To gain your confidence they don’t trouble your small deposits. When you make a fresh bigger deposit, they target it and siphon it off.

  • How to avoid?
  1. If the casino is not transparent about its operations and no information is available online.
  2. Terms and conditions are not given clearly.
  3. If an unreasonable amount of bonus are offered.
  • Identity theft:

In this digital era, theft of personal information is becoming a big pain. Data thieves are on the prowl and steal all card information, bank details, and other sensitive information. Through this, they make billions of dollars. They can also freeze your account. This is a big scam that needs to be taken care of.

  • How to avoid?
  1. Learn about the trustworthiness of the casino before you sign-in. You have to be very sure before uploading the documents. Research from online sources and find out legitimate casinos that you can rely on.
  2. Look for details of laws governing the casinos. You should be able to complain to a legal source if there is any problem. These days strict laws have been enforced to deal with data theft.
  • Ransomware attacks:

             This is a virus attack deliberately planned by the casino. Once you download the game on your phone, it suddenly goes black or faces some glitch. You then get a message to pay a certain amount since the casino has taken over all your data by planting a virus. Some people budge, to get back their important documents.

  • How to avoid?
  1. Unless you are sure about the casino’s reputation, do not download the game app.
  2. You can choose casinos that need no download to play.
  3. You can also play games on their website alternatively.
  • Not paying your winnings:

             You have aced the game and won hundreds of dollars and are in jubilation mode. But when you try to withdraw your winnings the casino does not respond or refuses to pay. This is one big scam operating without fear of getting caught.

  • How to avoid?
  1. Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and look for any hidden clause.
  2. Make sure you play only through an authentic casino that has good reviews.