There are many states in US where lottery is legal and is organized by the state government. In such cases, these lotteries are easily accessible to a large number of people and it is often found out that lottery playing is widely practiced in United States. This easy accessibility and access to the general public means that there are more chances of gambling in the city. There are significant association developed between lottery availability and the people who play on a regular basis are prone to gambling problems. The researchers have concluded that people with gambling problem only revisit the booth again and again in order to buy tickets. They suffer from serious gambling problems and there are various types of gambling issues which are observed in these people.

Lotto tickets buyers often undercount their losses and are always in denial of their losses in hope of better lottery results. They do not want to admit that they have a serious gambling problem and they do not keep an account of their losses. They generally lose small amounts initially, but in order to make up for those small losses, they gamble heavily and buy expensive tickets which in turn makes them suffer from more losses. They eventually turn in heavy losses which are very difficult to come up from. There are casino หวยฟ้าชาย who lose thousands of dollars in one visit and they do not admit that they have a serious gambling problem. They realize it much later when the losses are unbearable and denial state is exhausted and the time comes to face the reality.

Playing lotto is not done as a leisure activity or entertainment anymore. People consider this as serious gambling and buy tickets which leave them in debts if lottery results do not favour them. There are people not only from poor income class, there are people from other high class where people have ample amount of money and they gamble heavily to pass their time. Buying lottery tickets becomes like a tradition for them and loosing no longer affects such people. They realize it much later when they have lost everything they had and time comes to face the realities of the world. These people often come into depression and commit suicide or sometimes lead a life of poverty thereafter. So, หวยออก .ชัยภูมิ playing should be done in limit and should be taken as a fun activity rather than making it as an addiction. This will keep them prosperous in long run.