Why is Online Poker Better than Real Poker?

Playing Online Poker

Online poker has conquered the world of online gambling like a wildfire. Top poker players found unique opportunities to enjoy this online gambling game by playing with other top players around the world, and they do not have to leave the comfort of their home.

For those who want to try playing poker online, below are some of the reasons why online poker is better than real poker:

Online Poker and Real Poker Comparison

With regards to the rule, online and real poker follow the same guidelines. However, there is no way you can read your opponent’s facial expressions when you are playing online, which is the only downside of playing online poker. Therefore, you cannot make a guess what would be their next move.

On the other hand, more players prefer playing online as it allows them to win real money without risking high amounts.

Online Poker Game Offers Free Games

If you are a beginner and wants to learn more on cara main kartu poker, online poker games will allow you to play free for practice. If you want to play real poker for free, you need to buy your cards as brick and mortar casinos would never give you a single game for free. If you have your cards, however, you should have friends who know how to play the game and merciful enough to have some games with you without money involved.

Playing Online Poker

Fast Paced

In real poker, you can only have around 30 hands every hour, and this is a No Limit game. Meanwhile, a regular online poker game, you can have over 60 hands per hour. Playing poker online gives players additional pressure as they need to act fast compared to playing real poker. Fast-paced, quicker decisions, more games, more actions, and more winning.

There are Jackpots in Online Poker Game

Players who cara main kartu poker very well can get more money than what they have won. Most online casinos give out jackpot prizes depending on their rules such as getting hand combinations and jackpot tournaments.

Other Benefits on Online Poker

Playing poker online has many other advantages that you cannot have by playing real poker. Some of these are:

  • Play comfortably at home
  • No need to wear fancy clothes required by traditional casinos
  • You can stop anytime you want, saving your winnings from future losses
  • Play anytime, anywhere, and there are still tons of other players waiting for you at the table

However, you should be careful in choosing an online gambling site to play. QQ Online Poker is one of the trusted online gambling sites that is headquartered in Indonesia. It offers real money betting games which include Poker, Super 10, Capsa, and more. This online gambling site is safe and secure as an officially licensed online gambling agent manages it. QQ Online Poker owns two licenses namely First Cagayan Leisure (2015) and PAGCOR (2016).